Hey, I don't think that's PAINT!
Tracking paths before the plan of attack (Part Two)
We LOVE the smell of burning flesh in the morning!
tracking paths before the plan of attack (Part One)

That morning, the party awakens to the intriguing smell of Gan’s Bat Jambalaya.
He had already skinned and made preparations to the bats that the party had killed before reaching their caravans. Surprising himself with exceptional skill cooking this delicacy, it is soon discovered that upon feasting of this seemingly delicious meal grants the eater a special circumstance bonus that makes them feel lightheaded and amazing!

(Eating Bat Jambalaya grants +4 to all stats for 24 hours)

Moving on north into the mountains of Battikh,
Gan and Merida decide to investigate some ruins at the base of the mountain range.
With keen and experienced eye, they noticed that one of the vine-covered pillars was rather bulbous, and wiggling in a way that looked strange. Upon closer inspection, Gan realizes that it is a person inside, in serious trouble and fighting hard for their life. His enthusiasm to help the person may be a bit misplaced, however, as his hacking away at the plant to release the person inside also harmed them as well!

Avoiding attack from the vines on the opposite pillar, Gan frees a woman named Alestra that was trapped inside, looking very worse-for-the-wear.
Using his alchemy skill and herbal stock on hand, Gan makes a healing salve and offers it free to Alestra. He uses the first application of the jar and rubs in on her wounds to show how amazing its healing properties are. Merida suggests that she also fill her belly with some of the Bat Jambalaya while she rests, to fully recuperate and feel better. After talking a bit to see what she was doing out here alone and where she is headed, it is decided best that she join the group in the caravan, resting until they reach the mountain destination.

That night, as the group makes camp, building a fire, Gan and Merida talk more with their new friend; trying to discover her motivations and what abilities she possesses. Alestra demonstrates her mind powers a little, targeting a very large rock and making it explode into tiny pieces, merely by looking at it and using her force of will. This could be very useful, indeed, they decide!

Gan takes first watch as the ladies rest. He hears a fierce growling in the distance, from somewhat of a large wildcat. He decided to investigate alone, feeling confidant that some kitty cats would never get the best of him! He can see in the dark, after all!
About 100 yards from camp, Gan almost gets lost, his sense of direction failing him. Thank goodness the group made a campfire! He could see and smell it in the distance, reasserting his senses. Here he finds two Krenshar cats, growling, hissing, and fighting each other, baring their skeletal faces as he approaches. krenshar.jpg
Defeating them easily single-handed, he slays them in a barbaric manner, seemingly unaware of his advantage of strength over the natural critters.
Knowing that all meat is lost, he skins them, salvaging what is left of the belts and sewing them together to make two hide blankets. He decides to gift them later to Merida and Alestra upon reaching camp again, in the morning when all rest has been attained.

1 action point awarded to Gan Stormblade

During last watch, Merida spots a strange … tree? I know it sounds contrite, but yes, a tree. For some reason she noticed that it was in fact, moving! In danger of sounding insane or paranoid, she decides to confirm her suspicions that it is really in fact, moving around the campsites outer limits. She gets out her spyglass, wanting to get a closer look at it without actually getting close, because it freaks her out a bit. As she peers at it through the looking glass, she sees two eyes appear on it and blink! What is this crazy magic?! treespirit2.jpgShe wakes up the party just to be sure that any harm may not go unnoticed. Gan believes that it is merely a tree spirit, and goes right up to it, greeting it. With one of its upper willowy branches, it offers Gan a leaf. He receives this gift and as he turns to tell the ladies that its alright, just as mysteriously as it appeared, the tree vanishes from sight.

Already awake and with an odd start to the morning, they decide to make the last bit of the trip to their final destination, the mountain stronghold. Onward and upward! They soon reach the cave entrance and find that the opening is doorless, with only 2 guards outside on post. Alestra demonstrates more of her mind powers, making one pass out cold, and thralling the other, bending his will to her wishes. They have him open the inner door to the stronghold, allowing them easy access. Realizing he would not be her thrall for very long, Alestra alleviates his service by sending him back out on post by the other guard and knocking him out, too.

Venturing inside, they come upon a room that opens to a great hall, with tables abounding all around the room, encircling a metal throne. The tables have half-eaten plates and various supplies on and around them, as if some event happened that made the people leave what they were doing with haste. As the group starts taking things from the tables for their own purposes, they hear a dwarf laughing in the corner, sitting at one of the tables. He is pale and transparent, wavering in and out of existence as if … he were a ghost!
dwarf_ghost.jpg They sit at the table with the ghost, Keigann, aiming to talk with him as he urges them to drink with him. While talking, Alestra discovers the nature of Keiganns death, more information on Boulden (the leader the group is after), and clan Thunderbeard, which is the clan responsible for this very stronghold they have entered, it turns out. Boulden is said to be fearsome, murderous, and tempermental, while wielding the power of thunder magic, along with a legendary greataxe weapon. He demands unquestioned following of his minions, for them to carry out tasks without error, who are threatened with punishment of death if these demands are not met. While further prying on the subject of Boulden, their leader, Keigann seems to grow fearsome, talking to midair, at someone the group cannot see or hear. He mutters something about not telling any of the clan secrets before disappearing from sight. Abandoned at the table, the group decides to loot the supplies in the room, carrying it back out to the caravan. Expecting the guards to be out there on the way back out, they are surprised to see that the guards are now gone.

at this point the current players decide to go to bed, and at the same time player Archer joins in the game and only he and Gan remain
to be continued…

Where do we go?
Call to action: Take down the Chaos Veil!

The days continue to bring strange and oddly familiar events as the party members start to really come together and put their heads together to hatch a plan, a goal, hell, maybe you can just call it simple entertainment. Whichever way you wish to see it, a very interesting and unlikely alliance starts to form with the player characters.

Are these goals traveling the same road and clashing at some destined point in time, or is this just a group of personalities trying to seek relating to other people in all kinds that will have them?

Each individual has a statement to say, and dreams of their own design.
Will they be similar enough, or come together as a collective some how?
Or will they pursue them alone in their own way?
This has yet to be determined as the group takes its first steps toward the future with the company of one another.

Gan, that silly big man, still insists on hiding his face in his helmet, burying deep his discontent. He only reveals the true reason to the remote one or two, wonder who that may be?

Rovalf joins the party at the Flying Pig inn.
Funny how the simple provisions bring so many different souls together, isn’t it?

After settling in for the night finding the best comfort available for each individuals means, they awaken in the middle of the night to the most disgusting stench they’d ever experienced. They follow the trail of smoke that lingered its way to their window, down the street and around the block to the house of a congressman’s wife.
There was a secret boiling here, you suspect?
Merida knows the truth of this more than anyone in the party could imagine.
Apparently the congressman’s wife was burning her husbands remains.
Gan carelessly tries to burn her permit in the funeral pyre. Tyrius’ fast reflexes prevents this from happening, and suspects it was not the accident that Gan suggested it was. But did it really matter?
She ends up calling the police and they arrive because Tyrius was trying to indict her.
Her grasping for straws did not reward her. She got caught, tried to run, and was nearly killed in the process. Justice prevailed, bittersweet in her case.
She offered her husbands effects to the party that had helped her in its own way.

Gan earns some serious cash selling the contents not needed from the caravan.

Merida finally decides to join the party. For now.

Tyrius meets Axiom the Lion, who is decidedly “in charge” of running the capital city of Korzon. Axiom marks Tyrius with his gift. Tyrus had to drink some Kool-Aid for that shit.

Gan spends the night at the local villiage square district brothel. And apparently had a very very good time. Some members of the party think too much of a good time. INDEED.

After many squabbles over racism and elitism, Gan slays Tyrius in cold, angry blood.
Both parties elevated the fight that started this incident. Axiom appears to Tyrius in the world between worlds. Tyrius uses his gift.

The party decides to go out adventuring.
Merida does research on a dungeon from the bulletin board on one of the billets.
They all decide on the call to action: Take down the Chaos Veil!
The party leave with another caravan moving North.

This other caravan is accompanied by Archer of the Veil, who joins the adventurers.
The elves of the Veil discover each other and have some fun interaction.
Some of it including the very creative way that Archer finds in obtaining the tools that he needs in order to survive or endure the harsh elements ahead that the party will face.
Some differences appeared at this time with all members of the party, but were dealt with to safisfaction. The long trip North begins.

The party makes it to the Western city of Byford in the greater area of Loreau. This was the merchant caravans final destination previous to the trip. It is midnight when they arrive, so they making rest arrangements at this time.
That night, Byford does a traditional bonfire party . During preparations, Gan was sitting outside his tent and noticed the activity. He lends his cooking skills as an effort to bring his part to the celebration. Merida also hears the instruments being played and joins in as well, dancing to her new experience hearts’ content.
During the party, Merida and Gan discover that this party is in fact a celebration ritual of sacrifice, as the bonfire spectacular finale explodes the sky with hundreds of white doves. Merida discovers that it was for the demi-goddess Yao, daughter of Hera, ruling over creation. They both decide that it is important at this time to pay her a visit, introduce themselves, and request a blessing to make passage through her domain. She is appreciative of this notion and grants them some gifts of her own.
Item granted: cigar of insight to Merida and Gan.

Archer and Tyrius scramble endlessly to keep the caravan spotless as possible, barely meeting the requirements they demand based on the expectations of their race, as they prepare later that morning to make the further trek north into the mountains of Battikh.

The group encounters fire bats in a flock as they are heading north.
Using spyglasses they discover that these creatures look too menacing as fire engulfs their physical form, and decide it best to not let them get close to their travelling caravans.
Although it was a close encounter in the end, few got through the first rounds of assault and the adventuring party prevailed. These lands obviously look more dangerous in person than on the paper billets tacked up on the bulletin board at city square!

1600 experience awarded to:
Chris, Justin, Shelby, Mike, and Andy

See you all next week, enjoy and send me any messages you like about comments, suggestions, complaints!

The adventure begins
Korzons restructure

As the great capital city of Korzon rises up from the destruction that has ravaged the lands since the reign of Xu was usurped and the goddess Hera freed from the clutches of Xu’s trickery partnered with the dark intentions of Hades, the people who still remain and have survived find their inner strength and start to rebuild again, and find meaning in all the chaos.

Starting at the park circle inn in the central district of Korzon; Groomp, Gan, and Tyrius find each other in an enteraining nature. First Tyrius takes up the city badge to represent the Sheriffs of her divine grace in the efforts to squash out some of the chaos. Though his intentions may not be 100% pure, the future of his efforts under this still remain to be seen. Gan decides to come along with Tyrius and start the partnership that soon grows to an adventuring party and they go in the inn to lighten their spirits.

Soon they meet the young and lovely lady of undetermined race and skill, who comes into the inn under her own personal contracts seeking out a congressman of interest in pursuit of nailing him with infidelity. Tyrius accuses her of being drow, and as soon as interest in her peaks, she vanishes from the scene. She then continues to pursue her contracts in a solo fashion.

When they decide to leave the inn, they run into Groomp, who has taken on a magic school student as a guide to the ways, comes walking in with his apprentice and makes some controversy using ghost sound to make Tyrius think the bartender is talking smack to them as they leave. After discovering the real culprit of the insults, Tyrius and Gan chase Groomp down by any means necessary. After talking a bit, they all come to the understanding that they should group together and find adventure, glory, and treasure as an adventuring party.

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