...WAIT FOR IT!!!!

As humdrum as things are at this point, with the group stopping for supplies and getting things in order for the preparations ahead, it is with a heavy heart that I must warn you all that things are going to be accelerating much more quickly than our group of heroes had ever planned. It is not their fault. They were just merely seeking their destinies. But perhaps it found them first…

Meanwhile, in Korzon…
everyone grabs supplies for their professions and even some proper food stock and libations for the ship and crew that are not like our hearty heroes, like hired hands and underlings.

Craig purchases a “pillow”, which is actually a woman but for all intensive purposes, is intended for the job of actually being a pillow. A contract was struck that was very specific and he pays her very handsomely. She also had the profession of tailor, so he bought her a crafting supply as well, along with a bed and room accommodations along with delivery & installation.

Rovalf purchases an alchemy lab, bed, linens/pillow (yeah, the normal kind), wardrobe, with an amazing lock. He also opts for delivery & installation as well.

Frank acquires a cleaning lady (Alice) and a service girl (Bianca) using WISH (his ring is now empty). Alice is an excellent cook and housekeeper, yet old and quite heavy.
However, Bianca is a gorgeous vixen with long, flowing red hair & green eyes, a master bard that will not harm or leave Franks side unless instructed, that is also a master dancer and master sex doll. She also is excellent at massage, singing, a hearty drinker, and storytelling.

Dimmorals gets treasure identified and appraised, selling some things and keeping the more useful things for the party. He also checks on the progress on the churches based in Loreau and Blight, donating 5,000 gold to their needs. He hires a male paladin and a female cleric to join him on adventures.
Afterwards he heads back to the ship to split with everyone their share of golds and gems, and introduces them to his new hirelings.

Drax goes to Hera. She’s out on a mission. Instead, he then seeks the audience of Axiom, and asks if he can do anything to restore his knowledge loss. “I can lick your toes,” offers the big, strange cat. “What does that do?” Drax asks. The cat gives a most obvious answer, “Cleans them, of course.”
In the company of the curious beast, Drax is now compelled to pet it. Axiom demands all the petting! He was always a big fan of it. Poor Drax had no idea that this cat had such a sinister, yet innocent agenda. How could he have known??
As he is now stuck here and can’t leave, the group, wondering what is taking him so long and what he is up to, listen in on the rings of communication and just can’t help but to laugh. They laugh…a lot. “Thanks for being so damned helpful, guys!!” Drax exclaims helplessly.
And then he gets an idea. Its pretty terrible, actually. Anyone with a heart full of honor and a sense of decency would relent its mention. But its the only one he has at this point.
“Merriam! Come to me! I need you urgently!” he sends one of the patrons to escort her here into the chamber where he is with Axiom.
When she arrives, he asks her to pet the big cat. Afraid, she is reluctant. But Axiom purrs heartily at her touch, and agrees that the two of them can be exchanged.
“Bye! Nice knowing you!” as he thinks to himself…[Wow, I am so glad she made some apple pie for me earlier today…]

Before heading to the ship, Drax seeks advice on preparations for dragon-specific encounters in the North. Everyone he asks tells him what they know to the best of their knowledge, however limited, also kinda baffled at the one person they would think should know more about dragons than themselves…
…and so he finds and purchases a number of “skins” in which to help with environments.

And with everyone accounted for…they all head to the North…
…little do any of them know that they will soon face the end of their journeys much, much sooner than would have ever been expected…



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