We might be forgetting about something...

(just how far does this rabbit hole go, exactly?)

Having established resources, production, and fortifications, it goes without saying that our heroes’ new home in the south, now dubbed EPOR, has been focused upon intensely the last couple of days. While setting things in motion- arming its militant ready citizens, readying a farming system, and hiring a mage of Korzon for creating and iron wall structure- Drax grows more and more impatient.
He speaks his mind, with great enthusiasm, on how all this side detail, errands, and waiting is only making it worse for them to tie all the lose ends that were left with the Chaos Vail. Of course, even though our adventurers have been rewarded and titled for their efforts in taking down major operative activity within the great city of Korzon, where all have been heralded as Champions; Drax has not lost sight of the fact that they are giving the rest of the Order time to escape and disperse, which could potentially allow the C.V. to plant their roots elsewhere, to infiltrate other secret locations and make them much harder to track down or dig out. He calls his party members out to act upon this matter more urgently, “You do realize that what we once had as groundbreaking intel is becoming crap intel with every moment that passes, right?”

The group discusses possible options for continuing on this path, by ensuring better ways to discover them wherever they may go next, assuming that they are not ignorant to being discovered and being dealt the serious blow of the events that recently unfolded in Korzon.
All agree that perhaps the best way is to imbue mundane items with a scrying contingency, such as currency coin, and place them in target areas where they suspect would be the best potential locations for C.V. operations.

During this conversation, Craig is a bit distracted. A few thoughts surface to the forefront of his mind, and he checks on this. He uses an ability and inspects the C.V. cloaks, and asks for one of them from Frank, which is not a big issue. Drax, noticing the distraction on his face, asks Craig where his thoughts are, in which Craig answers “…investigating into something like detect magic, kind of a hunch right now, but when I know more I will no doubt share what I have learned.” Unbeknowst to his party members, there is something about this particular cloak that distinguishes it from the others that Frank has duplicated. Craig also saw some activity to the south with his ability, but brushes it off as it didn’t strike him as abnormal.

Following suit, Rovalf asks for a cloak so that he may inspect it. He taps into his strong knowledge and experience with Alchemy and discovers a very interesting and perplexing detail- the symbol of the Chaos Vail is written in blood…ANGEL BLOOD! he immediately informs his party members what he has just discovered.

At that moment, Drax decides to look into the spirit world, and is unnerved by what he sees. Since he noticed him looking that direction just minutes ago, he feels the need to ask-
“Craig?! Do you SEE this?!”
They compare what they have seen, with very different abilities. Drax could only describe what he was seeing as (a river of souls), flowing from somewhere ground level up and into the sky by the thousands. Craig saw a flux of energy being drawn upward like a spiraling tornado. After intense deliberation, they agree that “This could possibly be some kind of misdirection, to keep them from pursuing the C.V, but we cannot ignore this!”

Meanwhile, Rovalf and Frank are still discussing the matter of the coins. Rovalf suggests that the contingency on them involve the chemical compound of the angel blood, to activate them when near an agent of the C.V. The whole party still seems to be struggling as to what exactly they are going to use, because each stipulation they add to it will involve much more time in their creation, given that Frank is good at what he does, but he does not yet posses the powers of deific proportion!

And with that, our heroes go to investigate this river of souls, and this is where they all come face to face and meet the infamous Earthshaker, Ballaste Evencale. They cannot help but to question him on what he is doing with the souls, as they near the site, they can see that he is facilitating their movement up and into the clouds above. The Cyclopian primordial shaman explains to them that it is his small part in the big picture, that this must be done every century or so, or the world becomes overburdened with an abundance of souls, and it also frees them from a limbo of sorts and allows them to continue on where they need to be going. This comment starts a line of thinking in our adventurers that gets very deeply discussed very soon… 150661.jpg

As Drax is recognized by the Earthshaker and greeted as brother, he immediately demands an explanation (of course!). Ballaste reminds him of the time he spent with Moira in the past, and the training that was undertook left a brand of sorts on him, one that by reputation and investigation will label him as Clan Evencale (however accidental is was, it still remains fact). Drax is a little perplexed by this. He goes immediately to talk with Moira, against the wishes of his companions, who urge him to be careful with what he says to her.

His interaction with Moira is a bit odd, it turns out.
He greets her wholeheartedly, cheerfully, and asks her about charging his arc reactor to make it better. She warns that she possibly could, but because of her raw power and lack of knowledge with machines, that it could have a devastating effect on the device. He insists anyway, and she gives it a shot- (Unfortunately, her worries were correct this time, and his device is currently not functioning). He says “Hey, watch this!” and goes invisible, “Can you see me right now?” She looks him right in the face, with a curiously suspicious expression, “Yes, I can. I may be a bit crazy, but do not think me ignorant, Drax.”
“Oh? Watch what else I can do!” as he clumsily fumbles his thoughts a moment, trying to figure out his best way to challenge her, she grows increasingly suspicious and draws upon her own experience to investigate- “Drax, what are you doing? Why are you acting strange?”
As he answers her in a most peculiar statement, “Hey, Moira, exactly how much can you take?” she takes it as a challenge, of course, and displays something very few in existence have ever been able to witness (and live to tell about it, of course)..
She throws her arms out, concentrates her power, and bursts with the brightness of a hundred suns… increasing in strength and intensity until she supernovas and completely explodes, and he watches as all the pieces of what she once was dissipates and disappears into the air…


In Draxs’ mind, he believes that he has eliminated her.
He lingers a moment, and another curiosity creeps upon him. “Kraytos! I must find him!”
He uses an ability to try and find him. As he watches in the spell, he sees Kraytos, imprisoned in darkness and weeping.
At this point, Drax cannot get a handle on his emotions. He considers confronting the Aspect of Hera herself, to free Kraytos, and aspire to become the “Anti-hero of Korzon”.
He talks with his party mates over the rings of communication and he makes his way back to them on these thoughts. His interaction with the Cyclopians here left him completely paranoid…not sure where to go and what to do, thinking that he’s tipped his hand to a guardian. Craig and Rovalf do their best to reassure him that he’s overthinking things a bit too much and that they just need to go out of the way for a bit and recollect themselves from a vantage point that is not under fire or under observation.
They plan to go south out of the ley lines to regroup and plan their next course of action…

And the conversation they have is deeper than it has ever dared to go…
What is this place, really?
Is it REAL?
Is it a PRISON of sorts?
Why are things so easy to come by, such as riches and aspirations?
Why are dreams becoming realities with so little effort?
When people wish to leave the continent to visit other places, why are they immediately advised against it, or told that other places are just so useless that its pointless?
Why does magic flow so effortless here that it’s ridiculous?
Are the agents of the Chaos Vail right in their convictions against destroying the harmony of this place?
Why is there no ancient history for this place?
Why are their ruins, and things happening with no rhyme or reason for them?
Why are there no other real up and coming adventurers beside themselves?

Some of our heroes are finally stopping to consider how very easy it is here to gain power and riches…and wonder why things here are so strange…
…and finally…
What if we are being built up to be consumed later?


How very bleak your perceptions are becoming, heroes…



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