I got I got a pocketful of darkness

(...and a gargantuan air elemental, lets not forget that)

The party reaches the low-regarded Port Barrington. From what little they have heard of the place which was not exactly good reviews, they explore it with a hint of caution. As they enter its bustling main path to the docks, it is easily noticeable that every single pair of eyes present here are watching them intently.

After finishing up drawing plans for his boat, Frank takes them to a shipwright to get an estimate of cost for the raw materials. Drax and Dimmorals go with him, as they all agree not to split the party with anyone going anywhere alone, and partnering up is the best option so that they can watch each others’ backs.

Craig and Rovalf head to the docks towards the ships that look active, to talk with someone who may know a bit about this place, also to possibly get some information on this ‘island’ destination and maybe even find a ride to get there, if that is offered here, anyway. They learn that the ‘island’ is actually known as Island of the Dead and that it’s not particularly a vacation spot- in fact, not recommended unless you are on a suicide mission or bored, because there is not much there that is conducive to life or enjoyment whatsoever. But he does tell them they could catch a ride there in a couple hours, for no passage charge, as long as they all stay out of the way, specifically, not impede operations of the vessel or cause damage to it in any way. Unsatisfied with this information about the island, they head to the inn to talk with someone there.

As Frank uses a spell to fabricate their new transportation vessel, the shipwright and several onlookers are completely blown away by the spectacle! Upon finishing the work, in a mere TWENTY MINUTES, the shipwright gets on his knees and begs Frank to teach him how to do this! Frank simply answers, “All you need to do is be able to cast the spell called Fabricate.” Thankful and gaining a sense of newfound hope, the shipwright takes off his ring and gives it to Frank before taking off in a rush. Seeing that it had a glow of magical property to it, Frank identifies it and is pleased. BLG_SCHOONER.jpg

At the inn, Craig seeks out and finds Deaken Hardigan, the barkeep who claims to be in charge of Port Barrington. Rovalf leans against the bar with his back to it so he can keep an eye out and they are not ‘surprised’ by any shady characters (since as they entered, all eyes were on them), so Craig exclaims “A round for everyone!” and the patrons all scatter to get their free drink compliments of Craig!
After everyone settles back at their tables to go about their business, Craig and Hardigan talk about the purported “Island of the Dead” and not much more new information is discovered except clarification of its nature, how Hardigan claims to have escaped there (many locals say he’s a bold-faced liar on this), and that their is a King that resides over the island, wielding the powers of cold, negative energy, shadow, and darkness. Interestingly, Craig notices that Hardigan, has a quality in his expression of clumsy recollection. They head back to the rest of their party.

Frank explains that he now needs to bind an elemental to the ship, so that it can be powered, because this will effectively cut their costs considerably, not to mention having no need for fuel in the future. As he prepares, Craig looks at Dimmorals and jeers, “hey, Dimmorals! Why don’t you go take a dip in the ocean there, I bet it will make you feel amazing! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” In response, of course “Yeah, I just might do that!”, Dimmorals goes to check out the coast and get his feet wet, so to speak.

He sees coral reef, a few sharks in the distance, and a deep darkness below. It looks like a drop off from the shelf here. He goes to check it out, of course. As he delves into the dark waters, he starts to feel wretched and ill…for a second, his memory fails him, and he can’t remember why or how he got here! He looks around…and what catches his attention is the sun beaming through the surface.

As he emerges to the surface, some of his party mates notice he is a bit disoriented, mainly Drax. “Hey man, your looking out of sorts, are you alright?” Since it appears his sickened state was noticeable, he decides to lay on hands himself, and with that, an eruption spewed from his face as projectile vomit sprayed all around in front of him. His memory wasn’t remedied by this, but he definitely felt right as rain.

After Dimmorals exits the ocean and comes back to the others, Drax decides he wants to investigate the waters and flies out to where it darkens and plunges in, once emerged he just lets himself sink, without fear of drowning since he could easily manage underwater. Surrounded by the dark waters, he immediately feels sickened. Sinking, surrounded by darkness, Drax sees nothing around and forgets why he is here or how he got here. His thoughts shut down, his soul goes silent.

Craig hears his thoughts over the rings of communication, and begrudgingly uses another charge from his ring of wishes. Drax appears beside him, and Craig starts ranting and raving his displeasure, and heads to the inn.



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