But first...

some odds and ends to take care of!

Meanwhile, at the small village that our brave heroes are starting to build up-
they check on Velka who is left charge to lead fortifications and oversee the happenings.
They hear mention of the sand-buried ruins of a city just a short stint southeast of them and decide its of particular interest to check out what is so very near their newly claimed stead.
Our hearty adventurers decide to take flight for a better vantage point.
What they see gives a small sense of caution, as they are apparently outnumbered by dozens of desert nomads of sorts, and Craig just heads down in a carefree manner-
“Hello, my friends!” he exclaims.
“Who are you? What are you doing here, and where did you come from?!” they are all apprehensive and reach for their weapons.
Using some abilities to bolster his position and lower their aggression, “No, No, you misunderstand, I’m one of you! Relax fellas, what’s the deal here, what are we all trying to do?”
They correct Craigs issue with the wrong attire, and hand him an outfit befitting a desert raider. Craig then calls his party companions down from above, triggering the nomads to regain their resolve and reach for their weapons again as new intruders are introduced.
“Who are you? What are you doing here, and where did you come from?!” once again…
“Guys, relax, they are here to help us, we are all friends here, calm yourselves, let’s all work together and gain treasures and glory for all!” Craig cheers.
Everyone seems calm for the moment.
It does not last for long..

“So you guys are raiders, eh? Where are some good places with lots of big tough monsters with piles of valuable treasures? Any of you know of something like that around here?” Craigs asks the nomads.
“Well, the closest thing is the Cave of the Earthshaker. But we are not insane.”
“Oh yeah?” Craig seems excited at this. “Well what makes him so powerful?”
“First off, he moves the earth with his hands and destroys whole regions with the wave of them,” they exclaim. “He can move the whole desert if he wanted to!”
“Hmmm, well that’s easy to deal with! We just gotta take his hands! YEAH!” Craig at this point is trying to inspire the nomads into some craziness, it seems.. “You know who else has hands? The DEVIL has hands! We just gotta cut them damned things off and then how will he use his powers? You see, glory will be had this day, fellows!”
Their apprehension and faces full of doom and horror start to soften…and is soon replaced with greed, excitement, and vigor- “Yeah!!!! We just take his hands!! Why did we not think of that before??”

As the nomads lead the charge through the desert south to the cave, Craig, Rovalf, and Frank take the rear and keep a small distance to get a chance to chat about the game plan.
Craig asks Frank, “Do you think you could take them all out with one fell swoop? Like, can you be SURE?” The look on Franks face tells Craig all he needs to know, and that perhaps that was a very silly question to be asking him.

Merely moments later, massive bolts of lightning from an unknown place plunder their way through the nomads, wreaking so much overwhelming destruction upon them that absolutely NOTHING remains…save a few darkened spots in the sand…in just a few seconds…

“So we are not really going down to the Cave of the Earthshaker, are we?” They look at each other.
It was decidedly not so at this point in time.

They head back to the sand-buried ruins to give the news to the women who were left behind. And perhaps dispose of them?
As the news is broken to them, it seems that very few of them are rattled over it. One that is stricken with sadness decides to head to her quarters and take her own life…and then another joins her after some time passes and the first is discovered, she takes her own life as well, and they lie together…throats slashed open..

The remaining women talk with our heroes and decide to pack things up for a new life elsewhere…and the new up and coming town just northwest of here was offered. Craig tells them to ask for Velka, and they will be take care of…that is, set up for them doing their part for a community, of course! They all hole up in one of the largest buildings and make a fire for the night, since it was getting dark. The desert is not very safe for travelers at night, let’s not be unreasonable here!

Rovalf takes first watch, standing at the window to scan the vast dunes outside, and sees some lightning in the distance…strange…how it looked almost as if it were starting from the ground and reaching upwards…
Craig doesn’t seem very tired at this time. He talks with some of the ladies who are making beds in the sand. He rolls over a decision in his head as to what to do with these females…and decides that their strength and resolve in the face of all of this is what their new town truly needs. After all, how often is it that you find women who show evidence of being stronger and more talented than their male counterparts?

The women head off in the morning for their new destination. They leave the cart, and surprisingly, the adventurers go through some of it, but they do not take anything! They also find a way to send it along its way to the town, so that what is contained inside could surely only benefit the continuity of the up and coming town that they have just begun.

What comes of it, we shall see, in time…



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