Chaos Vale logistics (cont'd)

Liberation has been attained!

After arduous investigation and interrogation, our hearty group of adventurers have managed to find a solution of sorts. As the Royal Guard closed in on the apprehended prisoners, time presses them to find a solution quickly. In his best efforts, Dimmorals prays to his deity and finds assured comfort in Poseidons presence!
He prays for the souls of the prisoners that they find the error in their cause and realize that all they have done was to terrorize and harm people, and that he guides them in his great judgement. The request was granted, and hereby changed the fate of the prisoners, given that Hera wanted their heads and to resurge them anew onto a path of service in the name of redemption. Instead, they are given a new path to pursue, and to fight against the forces that once drove them against the citizens of the realm.
The adventurers are justly rewarded, as all are given the title Champion of Korzon, in all of its perks which remain to be seen. In addition, a huge bag of coin equaling 10,000 platinum each.
It is a glorious day indeed! May the good hearts of all prevail!



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