And here we get a good look at the soul, bereft of all humanity

...wait what?!

Seeing something so majestic and wild as an elemental being bound in such a trivial fashion, Dimmorals objects, and voices his feelings, saying it is quite unfair to enslave it against its will.
An argument inevitably ensues, ending with Frank asking the elemental itself how true this claim was, “Are you being held against your will?” with an instant, unrelenting “YES.”
Frank, not wanting to be labelled the bad guy, feel guilty, or have this argument again (who’s to say what it really was?), releases the elemental from its ‘service’.
Almost immediately, houses are ripped from the ground, piers are splintered and thrown into the air like frayed, disheveled, unimportant and obscure confetti; and dozens of lives are lost as the once-enslaved elemental unleashes its rage on the coastal port.
Craig saw this unfold, and with a heavy, begrudged sigh, uses yet another charge of his wish, to undo the mistake that just happened. He knows they need the power of the elemental for their vessel. He knows that this is a common fate for most of its kind. And it really can’t be THAT bad a thing then, can it? Besides, look at what happens when it is left unchecked…

After the events that unfolded with the waters of the ocean, our hearty heroes decide against travelling to the abysmal island of the dead. They instead head up a little north to their base of EPOR, to get some rest from the crazy collection of outsiders and discuss a game plan on what to do next, and how.

Upon arriving, Dimmorals realizes that he has yet to place a church for his beloved Poseidon. He mentions it as he ponders where the best place would be to place it, and ends up arguing with Craig-who had decreed when EPOR was being erected that it would remain ‘non-denominational’. They get heated on the subject of town ownership and Dimmorals demands to see the deed for it. “Do you see how this place (world/universe) is tearing us apart?”-Frank exclaims.

A bit unnerved and perplexed, Dimmorals informs the others that he plans to stay here for a month to ponder things, and oversee operations of the base. His party mates interject, saying “You don’t want to help us save Kraytos and the realm? What kind of paladin are you?”
This touched on his pride a bit, as he pitched back with “Well, what is the plan of action, exactly? This on-a-whim madness hasn’t worked out that great so far. I need some kind of sanity here, and being pushed with everything, testing my faith and constitution so needlessly is only going to result in wrath. I don’t think I need to tell you who’s.”
Tormented from the statement that he cannot honor his deity in their home base, Dimmorals goes out into the desert to pray and seek guidance and the rest of the party prepares the ship for the journey ahead.

Craig goes out to send a message to Kraytos, concerned with the news that Drax brought them earlier. He is determined to learn more information on his favorite mages whereabouts. Luckily…he received an answer! It was a bit cryptic, but if his knowledge and understanding are correct, Craig believed him to be in a place called Magnus.
But it gets tricky. Apparently Kraytos is in the future, and they cannot call for his release. Kraytos insists on this, with no real explanation why.
After this interaction, Craig goes to his party mates and askes a very odd question-
“Are all of you prepared for the vastness of space?”
and an even more strange and confusing statement-
“I think Kraytos is the head of the Chaos Vail. He’s crazy enough to make that work.”

Getting nearer to being ready to leave, Craig has a change of heart and decrees to Velka that other churches can be made and offers plans for expansion on EPOR. He seeks out Dimmorals to let him know of these changes. At first, Dimmorals is confused on Craigs’ intentions, saying he will think about it. Of course, Craig wanting to speed things up and get immediate result of acceptance from his comrade, explains further that this is just a trivial thing that is already fixed and that they have more pressing matters to attend to, having the life of adventurers and great heroes. Dimmorals seems keen to the cause of seeking out and liberating Kraytos, as he had always been a good, honest friend to them all.

Last minute things first! Dimmorals drops a church in EPOR and gathers a few onlookers to show they should not be afraid. “Free water! And a word of wisdom from Poseidon! Come learn the life of the exalted and incredible force of the sea! It will fill your life with purpose and joy!” he exclaims and he shows the habitants the new grounds of his newly erected church, housed and ran by patrons, and more importantly-just as beautiful as ever.

They take the boat and head North to Skydawn Planetarium. As they fly, Craig finds secret joy in a handful of sand…casting darkness on grain by grain, and dropping them below from the ship along the way…and giggling at the chaos it creates…



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